What is clairvoyance or paranormal seeing?
Other names: clairvoyancy, clairsighted, clair seeing, psychic vision, visionary, second sight
Clairvoyance is mostly indicated as being able to predict the future or as being able to see auras or ghosts. With only these possibilities, the clairvoyance is seen very narrow. The paranormal seeing isn't so narrow as most people think, because there are many energies that can be seen by a clairvoyant.
The different energies that are able to be perceived by the eyes of a clairvoyant do not exist in our normal spectrum that covers the area of lurid purple - blue - green - yellow - orange - red. This light that isn't in this normal spectrum, is another kind of light, what can be named as etheric light. Every clairvoyant phenomenon is different from each other in kind of light, because each of them covers another piece of the spectrum. Actually, it isn't even light. It is just energie only what the eyes perceive and translate to the image of light for the brains.
It also exist that people get visions, paranormal perceptions in the form of images. it isn't always seen as clairvoyance, but it is. During this visions, people can get through images of other people (often) in (dangerous) situations. These images can be from the future, present or past.
Someone who is clairvoyant, sees often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairvoyance mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.
What possibilities do exist?
·    Seeing the future
·    Seeing pictures/images with objects
·    Being able to watch inside the human body and determine the complaints of organs
·    Getting symbols through
·    Seeing spirits, entities, angels, orbs, points of light, flashes of light, columns of light, lines, X-lights,
smogtrails, energylines & shapes, a fog, and several other lightphenomena
·    Seeing auras, characters and feelings in faces of people
·    Seeing energetic or paranormal ufos (spaceships)
·    Seeing extraterrestrials
·    ~ ~ Seeing nature spirits or devas ~ ~
·    ~ ~ Seeing faces changing in other faces ~ ~
·    Other?

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